Welcome to Boxford!

One of the loveliest rural towns on the North Shore, yet easily commutable to Boston and other hubs! A town not to be missed or overlooked!

Home is a place which we all want to be close to perfect and customized according to our desires and dreams, and that is possible!

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It does not always happen that we find that absolute perfect home; either there may be differences in the designs, location or the size of the home than what you were looking for. And, no wonder, finding a home that you would love is a difficult thing, at least without any real estate support.

So, that’s why when you work with Cheryl Anastas along with our team of our real estate agents and industry experts you’ll find that finding the perfect home that you dream of can be a reality! Whether you’re looking for your first home, a move-up home, downsizing etc., we can help you to explore many wonderful places and homes and will work with you to find you what you’re looking for! Ready to get started? Work with Cheryl and buying a home in Boxford can be a seamless and fun experience!

In case you are wondering how it works – initially, we do take a rough expectation of what and how you want your home to be like including your preferred location, size of the land and so forth. Based on  your preferences, we will show you properties that match them, and get you started on your path to finding a home you love!

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Buying a home in Boxford

Our real estate experts and team of lenders, attorneys, and more are all over the area and know Boxford very well. So, With all the local knowledge, and a full support team, we can help you find a home in Boxford without any hassle, and we can assure you that it won’t be just home, it can be your dream home that you had always wished for!

  • Selling a home in Boxford

Like buying, selling a home in Boxford can also be quite a hassle, if you do not truly understand the property values or how to best go about the process. For example, you may not have a complete understanding of the exact worth of your home. Or, finding a potential buyer can also be a problem. But we will make selling your home hassle-free for you, and will get it done in the fastest time possible, for the most money to you, guaranteed!

  • Home value in Boxford

In case you are considering selling your home, you do need to know the home value, and this is where we can help you to get a complete understanding of your home value in Boxford.

Besides, being the local real estate experts, we do have a complete understanding of the neighborhood and can help you with residential needs or home buying in Boxford or home selling in Boxford. All you need to do is to give us a call at 978-270-3035 or you may reach us from our contact page, and we will get back to you in no time!

Why Move to Boxford?

Do you love nature? Trails? Hiking?

Boxford offers all of that and so much more! Nestled away, this deceivingly large town is a beautiful place to call home, and offers you all of nature’s beauty along with 100’s of acres in trails maintained by BTA/BOLT, the Boxford Trail association. The rail trail also runs through town, and is perfect for your walks and bike rides! Not to be forgotten either is the second-to-none school system that the Tri-Town offers! Rated in the Top 100 in Massachusetts!

Quaint Village Stores & Amazing Community!

If you're in Boxford, be sure to stop into Wayne's, in East Boxford, for a delicious lunch or breakfast! If you're passing through West Boxford, don't miss out on the Village Store, a lovely shop that includes delicious coffee, breakfast and lunch! Each location also offers a USPS as well as other great little shops that you'll love!

Boxford also offers unbeatable privacy! Lot requirements are a minimum of 2 acres except for those grandfathered in, so when you live here, you’ll revel in the privacy and quiet sounds of nature that Boxford offers. When you’re looking for great people, you’ll also be able to find a wonderful community of friendly residents always ready to help a neighbor!